Photography Portfolio

Nature Photography


Bald Eagles and a Catch

After nearly four hours of waiting in the Skagit River Basin, two bald eagles grappled over a fish. The one on the right had caught a fish that the newcomer on the left challenged to obtain.

400mm f/7.1 1/2000s ISO 6400

Urban Photography

Product Photography


Chapter Titles for MFA Thesis

While crafting my MFA thesis, I wanted to capture product-style images with a consistent visual style to use as backgrounds with the chapter title pages in the book. Some of the final chapter titles can be seen below.

Wireless strobes with 100-400mm lens

For me, photography has always been a passion, starting when I was ten years old with a jury-rigged camera and stop-motion animation. A moment in time is a not just an event, but a complete set of sensory information including a visual image, the story and sensations we experience, and the feelings and emotions associated with the setting, time, or events, of that moment. It is all of these that I strive to capture in my photographs.