Personal Creativity

Nature Photography


Bald Eagles and a Catch

After nearly four hours of waiting in the Skagit River Basin, two bald eagles grappled over a fish. The one on the right had caught a fish that the newcomer on the left challenged to obtain.

400mm f/7.1 1/2000s ISO 6400

Urban Photography

Product Photography


Chapter Titles for MFA Thesis

While crafting my MFA thesis, I wanted to capture product-style images with a consistent visual style to use as backgrounds with the chapter title pages in the book. Some of the final chapter titles can be seen below.

Wireless strobes with 100-400mm lens

3D and Animation Projects

   Animated short film in maya

“Squidly’s Broken Ship”

Designed in Autodesk Maya

This animated short film was created using Autodesk Maya and textures and assets made in Adobe Photoshop. The premise of the story is that an alien named “Squidly” suffers damage to his spaceship. When he goes down to repair it, he runs into more trouble as he tries to use a glass control panel with suction-cup arms.

3D modelling


Texture mapping

Environment design

3D Environmental Design Projects

3d models designed with SketchUp to plan and design new lab/classroom environments as well as for event planning

My Brand Identity Design Process

Stage 1

Brand Strategy and Voice

Stage 2

Visual Style Inspiration and Moodboard

Stage 3

Typography System

Stage 4

Color System

Stage 5

Logo Exploration Sketches

Stage 6

Final Logo Vector Design

Stage 7

Collateral Mockups

Stage 8

Brand Identity Style Guide

Stage 9


Stage 10


Branding Design Projects

Brand Identity and Product Design

New Circles Marketing

During this project, several key brand identity assets needed to be conceptualized and clarified, working with key business stakeholders to ensure a positive outcome.