Case Study: Brand Identity and Website

New Circles Design and Marketing

During this project, several key brand identity assets needed to be conceptualized and clarified. Working with key business stakeholders ensured a positive outcome. These assets would include the company name, general visual style, particulars of typography and color, the logos and Core Values designs, and finally a produced style guide. All of which were passed off to the in-house design team.


New Circles Marketing and Design—a design and marketing firm in Los Angeles County


  • Brand identity
  • Style guide
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • Company names
  • Visual styles
  • Color and type
  • Logos and artifacts
  • Style guide

Visual Style Concepts

The original directive from the client was very ambiguous, giving plenty of creative latitude to the art direction. Three different conceptual directions / styles were designed and presented to the client for selection.

Style & Imagery

Core Values

At the heart of every organization and enterprise is a set of core values that drive its culture, communication, and visual identity. The organization should seek to communicate these core values as often as possible through visual elements and in written text. A set of abstract shapes has been designed for the visual communication of the three core vales and can be used as abstract patterns, repeating elements, or other visual abstractions. Each core value has a primary color that is attached to it and that will help communicate the value it represents. While not required, it is generally recommended that the assigned colors be used with the Core Values they represent. These Core Values represent the heart of what New Circles offers its clients.



Robobot Stab Bold 24pt

Roboto Slab Regular 16pt

Roboto Bold 14pt

The primary brand typestyle is Comfortaa and is to be used in all uses of the name “New Circles” or in any type of header. This would include large samples of text and important company names and product names when they stand by themselves on a design. The secondary typestyle is Roboto Slab and should be used in any paragraph text and longform copy. Small details and information should be set in Roboto Slab rather than the primary typestyle Comfortaa to increase readability at smaller sizes or in samples of lengthy text.

Identity Colors

A wide range of bright colors is available to symbolize the wide range of possibilities that the brand offers to clients. While some are to be used more than others, a wide diversity of color usage is encouraged, particularly in the gradients and single colors displayed below. Plenty of white space should be used in any design, with the overwhelmingly predominant background color being white or an extremely light pattern that will not distract from the positive space.

Final Logos

Below are the final three arrangements of the logo mark and type for New Circles. The variety in orientation provides flexibility in layout and allows room for future evolution of the brand without necessitating expensive redesigns.

Style Guide

Website UI/UX

A user-centered approach was taken with the UX and the UI was designed to be responsive on mobile and desktop devices for the best experience. A database-driven content management system was selected for the most flexible approach to the site’s content. A user journey map was constructed to give an accurate picture of the typical user’s path through the interface to the critical content.

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