Case Studies

UI/UX Design and Prototype

Ramsey Solutions
Event App

In a six-hour design sprint, user research was analyzed and applied in a design solution that includes a logo design, wireframes, and an interactive prototype built in Adobe XD.

User Research / Product Design

WCBC Education Department Website

The project was a cross-departmental product design initiative informed by a clearly defined design problem, included objective primary user research, and produced a design solution in the form of a dynamic website.

Brand Identity & Product Design

New Circles Marketing

During this project, several key brand identity assets needed to be conceptualized and clarified, working with key business stakeholders to ensure a positive outcome.

Product / Brand Identity Design

WCBC Creative Arts Department Website

The project was the culmination of a visual and identity design effort to brand the Creative Arts program and provide current and prospective students with a comprehensive information hub on the program and its facilities and benefits.

Photography, Research, and Design

Flora and Fauna of the Mojave Desert

A series of five educational posters, each featuring a species of vegetation or wildlife, with photography, research, and design original to this project. The project was intended to function as an environmental awareness tool to engage and inspire others about the native Mojave Desert ecosystem.